Learn all about our duct cleaning services...

We have a specialist division to carry out extract and ventilation ductwork cleaning.

Our specialist operatives are also trained to work in confined spaces and where required, to abseil into ventilation shafts to carry out decontamination or investigation works under fully controlled conditions.

Air hygiene

  • Dust Deposit Thickness Testing (DDT)
  • Hygiene surveys and reporting on system condition
  • Recommendations for upgrading and internal cleaning of ventilation systems
  • Cleaning of types of ventilation and air-conditioning systems using the latest technology
  • Disinfecting of ducting systems
  • Routine air quality monitoring for bacterial, fungal and particulate contamination of HVAC systems
  • Works carried out to the HVCA standards and recommendations inline with DW171/TR19 Documents
  • HVCA systems. Kitchen Extraction Indoor air quality monitoring
  • Photographic Reports

Kitchen Environments

  • Canopy Deep Cleaning
  • Grease Extraction Ductwork Cleaning
  • Structure Cleaning
  • Grease Filter Cleaning
  • Inspection Hatch Installation

Rope Access

  • Installation and testing of class A1 Anchor Devices for fall arrest e.g. eyebolts
  • Industrial rope access e.g. Riser duct cleaning, window and structural cleaning, and structural repair and testing
  • Pest Control: Pigeon Netting, Pigeon Clearance Waste Contamination
  • Ductwork Installation

Below is an example of our recent work. Click on the image for a closer view: